Buying a House? Make Sure Your Finances Are in Order

By February 3, 2015News, Uncategorized

Buying a house is a major event and one of life’s most important purchases. In order to be successful in the home buying process, serious buyers must demonstrate stable financial standing. Here are steps to help you accomplish that.

Track Expenses

You must comprehend exactly how much money you spend and save each month. It is vital to have adequate savings for a down payment and other emergencies. To build a nest egg, it may be wise to consider establishing a high-yield savings account. Setting aside a small amount of each paycheck is a simple way to accumulate necessary funds.

Understand Credit Scores

Credit reports assign scores that explain your credit history. Anyone looking to buy a house should aim for a credit score above 700. While it is not impossible to get a loan with a lower credit score, it can become more complicated and your terms may not be as favorable. To review personal information and correct mistakes on your credit report, it is advised to request at least one credit report each year.


After you get a grasp of your financial situation, it may be wise to obtain a pre-qualification. This is a simple process that provides a lender with your debt, income, and asset information. You will be presented with an approximate approval amount so that you know what range of homes you can afford.


Once you become very serious about buying a house it’s time to get pre-approved for a mortgage. It is essential to complete a mortgage application and supply other pertinent information to lending organizations. In turn, these lenders will provide an exact amount of money you can expect to receive for a mortgage. Pre-approval provides a conditional commitment for a specific loan amount so that a person can begin the search for the perfect house and be ready to make an offer.

Although it may take effort and commitment to get finances organized, it will go a long way toward a pleasant home buying experience. In the end, you will avoid disappointments and other headaches associated with finding the right house for you.