How Important Is It to Work with a Professional on My Loan?

By August 6, 2013Uncategorized

Surprisingly enough, the person that handles your loan transaction is more important than the actual lender that you work with. Even within the same company, clients can have a much different experiences based on the actual people who handle the transactions. In this volatile mortgage loan market, your point of contact will be the one locking the rate, advising on programs, and working with underwriting to ensure that your loan is approved. This process is very similar to working with a doctor or an attorney; when someone needs a medical procedure, the first thing they do is to research the doctor, not the hospital. They make their decision based on the doctor and their track record. In some cases, people will actually move just to be near that doctor. When people need an attorney, they typically research and find an attorney that specializes in the area of law they need. Their background and track record come first, not the name of the firm on the door. Ultimately, the client’s goal is to win the case or to have a successful medical procedure, and most people feel more comfortable based on the person they choose to handle it. People need to feel comfortable when obtaining a home loan; homeowners should select their lender based on merit rather than advertising or company name.