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Mike Cook

Managing Director of Mortgage Banking

Mike Cook is a 20 year veteran of the mortgage industry. His business philosophy is based on the following principles: competitive rates, unmatched lender-client communication, honesty and integrity, and efficiency through technology. His goal is to make sure you understand the home loan process and to provide the loan product that makes the most sense to you long-term. 

Mike earned a degree in economics from Stanford University. Mike played football at Stanford and went on to play professionally in the NFL and the Canadian Football League. Mike is married and has two young children.

Over 100 Five-Star Yelp Reviews

Mike Cook has been an outstanding performer for my clients and for me in the past 6 years. As a realtor, I need a fantastic lender and Mike has been great! He is an intelligent, solid professional who delivers high communication and clear expectations. His pride and meticulous work allow the client- (buyer or person desiring refinancing) to feel secure and have a successful experience. Also to note, Mike will be realistic, if a person is not qualified, he gives a realistic perspective and often solutions to create an achievable scenario. I highly recommend Mike for his expertise! He has been a pleasure to work with in my years of experience with him.

Carrie R.

Over the years, I have worked with Mike Cook to finance three different houses. Mike is always professional, proactive and organized. Whether we are looking to move to a new house or refinancing an existing one, we always call Mike first. His counsel is invaluable!

Shane B.

I can't even begin to say enough great things about Mike. Is it weird to say that after two primary mortgages and a refi I feel like Mike is actually my friend and not just mortgage broker??? Mike is the nicest, most respectful and yet totally competent broker you could ask for. Mike works diligently to get things done in a timely manner and I couldn't be happier with him. With my first mortgage I had no idea what I was doing and it was so overwhelming, but, Mike made the process totally bearable. He met with me in person twice to run numbers and was always available to answer my stupid questions. Considering how confusing a home purchase can be it's so important to work with someone you trust. Mike is your man!

Michelle R.

I had a great experience with Watermark. Mike Cook and April Venegas were awesome to work with. They were great communicators, very responsive, friendly and easy to deal with. Most importantly, we closed on time. Highly recommend!

Phil G.

We had a wonderful experience with Watermark Home Loans. Mike Cook and his team were professional, responsive and friendly. We had a strict deadline to close on our new home, and Mike & his team not only met, but exceeded our expectations, and we closed far before our deadline. I can't express enough how thankful we are to Mike and his team for helping us secure our new home. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or refinance a home.

Ali W.

Just went through 30 day closing in 25 days. As soon as I picked up the phone to call Mike we were rolling. Mike was amazing to work with and personally how I try to emulate my own business. He was easy to get a hold of, explained everything thoroughly, and made a difficult and time sensitive situation happen very quickly. The systems in place are so simple and streamlined I couldn't believe how easy and smooth it all went. I'll recommend everyone I know to Mike.

Jason O.

I cannot say enough about what a pleasure it is to work with Mike. Mike has assisted us with the purchase of two homes over the last several years. Both times, Mike has been fantastic to work with and has gone above and beyond in order to help us purchase our homes quickly, smoothly, and without frustration. With our most recent purchase, we ended us having a very short timeline to close due to external factors, and Mike worked diligently and quickly to make it happen. I particularly appreciate that Mike takes time to keep us updated on status and to explain the process, which has made the mortgage process so much more pleasant than it would otherwise have been. I recommend Mike to anyone embarking on the home buying process!

Ellen M.

Mike is absolutely amazing. This is my second time working with him and both experiences have been fast, smooth, and easy. Mike will exceed all of your expectations and more. He is fast and courteous and is there to answer any questions at any time. All of my friends use Mike and I will continue to refer him to anyone I know that needs a loan.

Travis W.

I have worked with Mike on two houses now and both have been an absolute pleasure. Mike is always available to answer questions and explains the whole process very clearly. His support staff is also top-notch and again, seemingly always available. I will continue to use Mike for all my mortgage needs and will happily provide my full recommendation.

Jason A.

Working with Mike was a pleasure. I am a first time home buyer and Mike took the time and effort to help me understand the process. He reached out to me often, from the day I first started searching for homes, and always made sure I was kept up to date. Mike is a true professional and I highly recommend him.

Rose K.

Mike is literally as good as it gets. I'm a first-time buyer and Mike was patient, thorough and thoughtful throughout the whole process from beginning to closing, Mike was always accessible and answered all my inquiries about the complex process of owning a home for the first time. The whole process ran smoothly and efficiently. I'm happy to give Mike 5 stars and I recommend him without hesitation.

John B.

The professional service that Mike and his team provide is by far the best out there! When my partner and I knew it was time to make the biggest investment in our lives we were lost. The thought of having to go through paperwork, statements, banks and all kinds of phone calls, we felt discouraged. We didn't even want to get started but, we knew we had to. The very first call I made was to Mike. From just that call Mike took the discouragement away. Haven't felt it since, that's how professional and helpful it was. I've heard that buying a home can be quite the headache, everyone at work said that to me. Not to us it wasn't. Mikes team guided us through every single step and explained everything so that we could understand the process. The team made themselves available 24/7 it seemed like. April Venegas was helping us above and beyond. She had the kindest personality ever! Every single time that we spoke with her she made us feel like friends. Very professional and helpful. Mike and April contacted us often to update and not for one moment did we feel rushed. I can go on and on about Mike and his team but if this seems over the top, call him for yourself and find out. You will not be disappointed. Oh, did I mention that my partner and I just closed today? We are now homeowners. THANK YOU, MIKE, APRIL AND TEAM!.....and after we closed, they stiiiiill have the doors open for us if we have a question. That's not 5-star service, that's 10-star service.

Alfredo B.

Mike and his team are the best!

We chose Mike because he was upfront and patient with us at the very start. Although our friends referred him to us, we instantly felt relieved that he and his team were there every step of the way (especially as first time home buyers). Because of them, we never missed deadlines and we knew what was coming far in advance - which was super appreciated! Mike was also incredibly thoughtful throughout the process. I have a busy schedule that requires me to be occupied for 12-14 hours/day. He would always email us beforehand so I knew a necessary call was coming up. His team is professional and we enjoyed working with them. They took care of just about everything and we are thrilled! We definitely did not feel as stressed as we could have been with someone else. I look forward to working with Mike in the future. HUGE thanks!

Cheryl W.

Believe all of the 5-star reviews!!
When we decided to purchase a home, we contacted several Mortgage Brokers to get a feel for who they were and to receive preliminary numbers. The decision was easy to move forward with Mike. Throughout the entire process, Mike and his team provided outstanding service. They assisted us in understanding the complicated mortgage process and patiently answered a million questions - via phone, email, or text; always in a quick turnaround time; whether it was during the day or after hours into the evening. He was straightforward and honest, which gave me comfort and very little stress. It was such a blessing to be able to have a conversation with someone who knows the business. Escrow can easily take 30-45 days here in Arizona, and we were able to move through the entire process in less than three weeks; 19 days to be exact! Mike is an exceptional broker, and we wouldn't be sitting in our new home without him. Thank you, Mike!

Scott B.

My husband and I have worked with Mike with Watermark home loans on two occasions. He is extremely professional and helpful. His team is very knowledgeable and willing to help every step of the way! He has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing a home!

Amy C.

We've done a few home loans in the past, and it was always a painful experience whether we were buying a new home or just doing a refi. My last home loan with Mike Cook and his team at Watermark was by far the easiest mortgage process I've ever experienced . Great communication, asked for just what was needed. I highly recommend Mike Cook.

John S.

When the journey is long in a tough buyer's market Mike Cook was there all the way. Knowledgeable and strategic. Just the absolute best!! 6 stars!!!

Mike H.

Absolutely fantastic!! Without question Mike and his team are the best. Believe all of the 5 star ratings! Always available via phone, email or text, Mike answered all questions and was always honest and upfront. He truly made our home buying experience stress free.

Kia B.

I want to thank Mike and his team for working with us! They made it possible for us to buy our first home. Great team that helped all along the way through what can be a confusing and tedious process. This is the team you want in your corner!

Sarai P.

Mike Cook is fantastic to work with. He is so helpful, professional, and quick. In today's housing market, you need someone in your corner who will act quickly. This is the kind of support that Mike offered us. There were multiple instances where Mike worked at odd hours to put together our pre approval letters to show that we would qualify for our loan. He was always available to answer questions and guide us through the process. When we finally got a property that was worth pursuing, he was able to put our loan through at lightning speed. We are so grateful to Mike for all that he did for us.

Julia D.

Mike Cook and his team are the best you can get. Buying your first home can often leave you scratching your head. Mike was quick to respond to all of our questions, and very patient with us as we re-asked questions and felt comfortable with the process. Mike was able to lock in a great rate for us, and remained levelheaded during a few stressful bumps we encountered before closing. As others have mentioned, he is the perfect balance of professional and personal. 10/10 will recommend, and use, again! Thanks Mike!

Genevieve J.

Mike is the perfect combination of personal yet professional. Buying a home can be very stressful and I'm so glad that we had him on our team guiding us on the financial end of things. There is just SO MUCH that goes on behind the scenes and Mike and his team made sure that we knew what was going on and what steps we needed to take next. We used a VA loan and don't have an ideal financial situation but Mike was able to find us a great deal and never dropped the ball when it was in his court to get something done. The watermark team is knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and resourceful. My husband and I can not thank them enough for helping us become home owners!

Diana M.

Mike and his crew made this task of getting a mortgage easy, pain free and fast ! Super helpful and answered all my questions. Was also informative and ver helpful!

Gary R.

Mike was incredible! As a first time home buyer this process can seem stressful. Mike erased any doubts and made sure that I received the help I needed the whole way through closing. He was thorough, not just in helping me understand the process and numbers along the way, but also in making sure that my loan would go through with no problems. Simply stated, mike made this process a breeze. Thank you! I would recommend him to anyone looking to make this leap.

Steve G.

I've used Mike for three home loans over the years (most recently in Nov 2017). Mike always goes above and beyond to make sure you get a great deal with the lowest cost options available. Definitely would recommend Mike to anyone looking for a home loan.

Jeff S.

I've used Mike 3 home loans over the last 11 years
Mike always makes sure I get the best deal me and my family definitely recommend Mike Cook and his team for anyone that looking for home loan
Thank you Mike for all your help you are the best!

Eric G.

My husband and I had never gone through the home buying process before and the only thing I knew was what I had read or heard from other people about how the process can be stressful and take a long time. I am so happy to say that our experience with Mike and his team was the exact opposite, to the point that I said "it can't be this easy" several times during the process. We submitted our initial loan application on 2/16, put an offer in in 3/13 and will be getting the keys on 4/13. Mike and his team let us know exactly what was needed and answered all of our questions the same day we asked. Mike knew all about the VA Loan process, which is what we used. I am just so excited and will recommend Mike to anyone I know that is in the market for a house. Thank you To everyone on Mike's team that made this a reality for us. We had originally intended to wait until next year but once we started working with Mike we decided there was no reason to wait. Thank you again!!

Nadia W.

We have worked closely with Mike Cook for the last 10 months. That is the amount of time it took for us to buy our first home and I'm excited to say that we are closing on Friday. I contacted a hand full of mortgage brokers when we started this whole process and Mike was the only one that really took the time to teach me about the process and everything that was involved. He was open to discussing strategy and options and would allow me plenty of time to ask all of my questions and I left each phone call comfortable that I knew the next steps. When it came time to make offers on properties, he was there whenever we needed, to help us put our best foot forward. When we finally had a seller that was favoring us, but needed a little convincing, he called on our behalf and, low and behold, we were in escrow the next day. I will use Mike Cook in the future and recommend him for all of your lending needs.

Kevin D.

Working with Mike was a pleasure. I am a first time home buyer and Mike took the time and effort to help me understand the process. He reached out to me often, from the day I first started searching for homes, and always made sure I was kept up to date. Mike is a true professional and I highly recommend him.

Rose K.

Mike Cook and his highly skilled and motivated team managed to put together a loan package for us quickly and efficiently. They are the people who you want working for you to get thru all the steps of financing property in this day and age. The Watermark Team is at the top of the of the financial world, you can depend on them doing the best that can be done. A world of thanks to them.


Mike Cook and his team were wonderful to work with. Very professional and responsive to all of my questions and needs. Thank you very much Mike and team for making my home buying experience as smooth and pleasant as possible! I highly recommend him!

Honey S.

Mike Cook was amazing to work with! He went above and beyond to make the loan process easy and painless. He was available day and night, and always happy to answer questions. I would highly recommend Mike Cook to anyone!

Stephen B.

Truly, as great as it gets. Mike and the team are fantastic! Mike was always a call or text away to answer all of our questions and he personally kept us updated throughout the process. The documents were all accurate and the systems were quick and easy to use. Thank you, Mike, April, and team, for making this a positive experience from start to finish!

Mark L.

Mike is a true professional! He was on top of my loan from the beginning to end. Quick response time and always easy to reach. I'm in the real estate industry and have never come across someone that knows his business better. I definitely will be recommending Mike!

John P.

Mike and his team did a really good job helping us get through the mortgage process. He was a true professional and was always there when we had questions. Thank you so much.

Carson P.

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